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Building a Personal Brand Image

Personal vs. Corporate Branding

Personal branding is the way you represent yourself to the world—the good, the bad, and everything in between. It’s what people think when they hear your name, what pops up onGoogle when someone searches for you. But what does this have to do with corporate branding? The two go hand-in-hand because they are both used asa form of marketing.

How Brands use Personal Branding toMarket Themselves

Oneway brands use personal branding to market themselves is through the use of celebrity endorsements. Brands might pay celebrities to promote their production social media or in an ad. This can make a huge difference in sales, and it' show some major corporations like Nike and Pepsi stay competitive with smaller brands like Lululemon and New Balance.

Another type of personal branding is using someone to model your product in advertisements. For example, H&M might use Beyonce to advertise their clothing line because the association with her will make their clothes seem more popular or trendy. Celebrities are also models for many products that are not fashion related, so it's important to be aware of celebrities who might be seen as having good personal branding.

Personal branding is also important for your career because it helps you to become more well-known in the work place, which can help you get better jobs or promotions.If you're able to go into an interview and say that you were recently interviewed by a major publication, they're going to be interested in hiring you. Another way to use personal branding to your advantage is by writing a book, or blog posts— it might not become a best seller, but if you have a lot of social media followers or people who follow you on LinkedIn, publishing a book is going to give an immediate boost to your professional reputation.

Why Personal Branding Matters for Your Career

Personal branding has become a key skill for any professional because it can be used to market yourself to prospective employers or clients. If you're applying for a job, having an updated resume, portfolio, and cover letter are essential. But the next step is to make sure you have a strong personal brand if you want to get hired. The way you dress, speak, interact with people in interviews, and express yourself on social media are all part of your personal brand.

Tips for Personal Branding

Here are some tips on how to build your personal brand:

  • Set goals and write them down. What type of career do you want? Where do you want to work? By setting goals, you can keep track of your progress in     achieving your ideal job.
  • Study your competitors.
  • Work on your self-confidence.
  • Work on your online presence.
  • Get a personal website.

Examples of famous people who have strong personal brands

OprahWinfrey has an undeniable personal brand that's powerful. She's recognized as one of the most high-profile celebrities in the world and is worth $2.8 billion dollars. DonaldTrump is also well known for his personal brand, but with less positive results—he was elected President of the United States in 2016 despite his lack of experience in politics or government.

Corporate branding is different because it's used by businesses to market their product or service. For example, Disney uses cartoons to produce movies that are suitable for kids of all ages. This brand is also associated with theme parks, parades, music, and television shows. The way people dress during Halloween has become an extension of the Disney brand.

The difference between personal branding and corporate branding is that the former focuses on an individual while the latter focuses on a company. For example, when Apple releases a new product, they make sure that it matches their brandname and reputation to ensure people trust their products. Apple products are also similar in design which helps to give them a distinct identity.

Corporate branding is important for companies, but personal branding can have a huge impact on an individual's career. For example, “The Bachelor” television show uses the same formula every season because it works—people watch to see who gets engaged or if there will be one big scandal. The contestants are also carefully selected based on their personal brands.


Personal branding is all about how you represent yourself to the world—the good, the bad, and everything in between. Personal branding can be used across different platforms including social media networks like LinkedIn or Twitter. Personal brands are essential for any professional because it's a key skill that can increase their chances of getting hired by prospective employers or clients.Personal brands also help people get better jobs or promotions at work while corporate branding helps companies market themselves. If your personal brand doesn't match up with what the company wants, then don’t bother applying!Personal branding may seem intimidating but it can be learned through practice and patience. It will take time before you see major results from developing your own personal brand; however, if you're willing to put in the work, you'll be glad that you did.Personal branding can help you stand out from the crowd and show people who you really are.

The sooner you start developing your personal brand, the better! Personal branding will be a key skill that can help you get better jobs or promotions at work, so it's important to start as soon as you can. MY Design Group specializes in creating personal brands. We can help you start with a personal website.

MYDG Studio is a web design and branding company located in Orange County, CA.We love working with local businesses, and seeing them grow. If you need help with a website, branding or marketing collateral, let’s talk.


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