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Why You Should Use Webflow

Before you build your new website, it’s important to research different web platforms to learn what platform is going to be the best for your business. Each website builder has its own strengths, but some platforms have more strengths than others. We prefer Webflow for creating custom, high-performance websites for small businesses. Below are a few reasons why we have focused on becoming Webflow experts located in Orange County, CA.

Total Customization

One of the primary reasons that we like to use Webflow is because we have total design control. Every site we create is built from a completely blank canvas.No templates. No themes. 100% custom. This is important because your business is unique, and so your website should be unique too! Webflow doesn’t require a theme or template, and I’m able to create a completely custom solution to fit your business needs. This level of customization also allows us to build a fully branded website that showcases your products or services exactly as you want.

Content Management System (CMS)

Webflow’s Content Management System (CMS) is awesome. Apart from the CMS back-end, there’s the Webflow Editor, which allows easily adding new content, or revising content on a published website. This is useful both to the creators of the website and their collaborators, as well as to their clients. What this means is that you get a fully functional website with both editable static pages and dynamic content like blog posts, portfolio projects, etc, without the need to install any plugins. Webflow’s CMS is much more flexible and diverse than that of WordPress, or popular site builders like Squarespace or Wix. Making revisions to your site has never been easier.

No Need For Plug-Ins

While a lot of other website building platforms require plugins for added functionality, Webflow is an all-inclusive platform. With Webflow, you won’t be bothered or worried about plugins being outdated and needing updates.Sometimes, when plugins aren’t updated, they can cause functionality problems on the website without you even knowing. Plus, adding a ton of plugins to your site can actually reduce the site speed and overall user experience.

Fully Responsive Website

The majority of web traffic is coming from mobile devices so having a sleek and mobile-friendly website is crucial. In fact, 52.9% of all web traffic is mobile.

Webflow not only makes it easy to create a beautiful mobile site, but you can also create a custom view for tablets and oversized monitors. This means that no matter how your customers are learning about your business, you can give the man amazing experience that fits their devices. You get a fully responsive website that looks and functions great on all devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Webflow gives you quick and easy access to all the on-page SEO settings you need. And backs that up with clean, bloat-free code, massively simplified mobile-friendly design, and free SSL for everyone. And for CMS content, meta titles and descriptions are automatically created, based on fields you create and define.All Webflow hosting plans include advanced SEO controls and the sites developed with Webflow are all SEO friendly.

Ultra-Fast Hosting And EASY Updates

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “What hosting do you use?” Webflow makes hosting super easy. Webflow site hosting plans include Tier 1 Cloud front Hosting, which is the same hosting that big companies like Adobe, Amazon,Dropbox, and MTV use.

One of the nice things about using Webflow’s native hosting is that you won’t need to export any code when making updates. With some platforms, you actually needto export the code and have the website code hosted elsewhere. It’s a true all-in-one platform.

There are several advantages to Webflow Hosting that can really make a difference for your website’s performance:

  • Since it is based on the distributed infrastructures on some of the largest cloud providers in the world (Amazon Cloud front and Fastly), it can scale seamlessly with your traffic demands, removing the need to manually upgrade your hosting server.
  • A built-in content delivery network (CDN) at no additional cost ensures that your website gets served from the node that is geographically close to your visitors, no matter where they are located.
  • The advanced distributed infrastructure means fast loading times and close to 100% uptime for your website, regardless of traffic spikes or even malicious attacks.
  • A built-in SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate at no additional cost ensures that your website complies with the modern security standards out of the box – no setup or prolongation required.

Webflow eCommerce

On of the most recent additions to Webflow is the eCommerce version, which brings full online shopping capabilities to the platform. It offers all the essentials for projects which sell things online – including product and inventory management, custom carts, checkout, and other endpoints, full control over customer emails, as well as self-hosted checkout. The main value of Webflow eCommerce is the ability to fully customize your online store’s every detail, from product grids and payment pages to how the purchase notifications look like. This can be contrasted with the current state of affairs in thee-commerce website building software like Shopify, Wix, or even the WooCommerce+ WordPress bundle, where one needs to exert considerable effort, and be skilled in coding to achieve such control.

If you are thinking about upgrading, or designing a new website, Webflow is great option. We are Webflow experts, and offer custom website design, site migration and SEO. If you have any questions about a custom website design, get in touch with us today.

MYDG Studio are Webflow experts located in Orange County, CA. We focus on website design and branding, but tackle all kinds of creative assignments.


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