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I'm an independent brand designer and Webflow developer with 20+ years of experience. I design with the strategic mind of a planner and heart of a creative, bringing a combination of eye-catching visuals, precision, and big-picture perspective to every project.

Below are services i offer, MY process and clients I've worked with.


I'm an award-winning designer specializing in crafting brands and designing Webflow websites. Brand identity packages include visual identity backed by competitor analysis research. My visual identity packages include a brand system style guide with logo design, logo lockups, logo spacing, brand colors, typography, type hierarchy, messaging, and samples on how to use your new identity. Brand identity options: website design, socail media, stationary, signage, packaging, and marketing collateral. See below to explore all of my services.


Website Design


Webflow Development
No Code Solutions
Custom Code


Brand Identity
Logo Design
Brand Style Guides


Publication Design
Editorial Design
Marketing Collateral

Marketing and design teams who use Webflow

Webflow is trusted by 200,000+ leading organizations.

My process.

To discover your needs I follow a structured process that will help to accomplish your goals. I believe in bringing my clients into the creative process from start to finish, and prefer to work transparently and collaboratively. This keeps me focused on your objectives.


The discovery process starts with an initial meeting. During this meeting I learn about your company and talk you through my work process.

I'll learn everything I can about your business. I want to know your pain points, positioning, strategies and challenges. I need to know who your competitors are, target audience, and what your goals are. It’s important for me to immerse myself in your business until I understand the whole picture.


Now that I know your business, and understand your goals and challenges I can start with the creative development. Based on your brand strategy, target audience, and the desired outcome, I will design, and prototype a range of design candidates. I will refine these concepts and develop the artwork until it’s presentable.


I will present the design pathways. My thinking and objectives behind the designs will be explained in detail. From this presentation, you will choose a design pathway you want to move forward with, and develop.

I will then develop the chosen pathway until it meets all of your needs and expectations. You will be provided with digital presentations of each mechanical of the chosen design for approval.


Based on the chosen design and any modifications, I will refine the final production artwork. After all revisions are made and the project has final approval, the mechanical artwork will be prepped for print, digital, or online publishing.

Whether it’s a digital or print design I'm ready to deliver the final project. By now all the plans for distributing or publishing your project should be in place. All efforts have led to this moment of unveiling. The end result is another happy client.


AAE Aerospace
Asics America
Brothers Healthcare
Brothers Pharmacy
Creative Teaching
Derma Medix
Dolfin Swimwear
Dolphin Galleries
Drains to Ocean
Elite Medical
Financial Profiles
Gaylord Nantais Attorney's
Golden State Water
Grating Pacific, Inc.
Hawaii Visitor Bureau
HBHS Surf Team
Lap Motorsports
Lassen Galleries
Marni's Restaurant
NACD Southwest
Pacific Media Group
Padre Foundation
Pentair Water
Phoenix Medical
Premier Builders
Profile Design
Rad Hat Co.
Rusty Surfboards
Santa Rosa Archdiocese
Soul to Silver Jewelry
Specialized Surfaces
Stone Road Organics
Sukut Construction
Surfrider Foundation
TandD Communications
The Best Publishing
Thompson Tee
Tri-Star Restaurants
TS Restaurants
TYR Sports
United Material Handling
Vestal Group
Von Zipper
Waste by Rail
W.E. O’Neil Construction
Weber Financial
West Marine